Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a copy of Mining Markets?
Mining Markets is delivered for free to The Northern Miner subscribers four times per year. You can also get a copy inside The Northern Miner at newsstands such as Indigo and Gateway. If you do not subscribe to The Northern Miner and wish to subscribe to Mining Markets magazine, please visit our subscription page.

Who publishes Mining Markets?
Mining Markets is published quarterly by The Northern Miner, which is owned by Toronto-based Business Information Group, a subsidiary of Glacier Ventures International Corp. Glacier is publicly traded and is listed under the ticker GVC on the TSX Venture Exchange in Vancouver.

How do I place an ad in Mining Markets?
Please call one of our sales representatives listed on the Contact page.

How much is it for an ad?
One of our sales representatives on the Contact page will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Are the stories in Mining Markets paid for?
No. Each story is written by the editorial staff of Mining Markets or The Northern Miner or qualified freelance journalists. There is no link between editorial decisions and advertising sales. Each story inside Mining Markets is published on its merit.

I have a good story, how do I get someone to write about my company?
We receive many story requests and the editor ultimately decides whether a story is published. We can't publish every story due to space limitations. But if you think you have a unique story idea, please send it to

How long has Mining Markets been in print?
The first issue was published in March 2008, though the magazine existed before under the title Junior Mining Company Profiles, an industry favourite that focused exclusively on the junior mining sector. Junior Mining Company Profiles was launched in 2004. The Northern Miner has been in print for more than 93 years.